I had new condenser added to my (Split) system. I was not present during the install (my wife was) and when I arrived home I discovered the installers had not left the manufacturers required 30" clearance on the access side. They only left 8". While I did want it as tight to the wall as possible, simply rotating the unit 90 degrees would have solved the problem. I am concerned that if or when the compressor goes out it will not be accessable and they will need to cut the lines and move the unit to get into the access door....costing me more money. Hopefully that would not be for a long time but by then the installers may not be around.

The unit is a Carrier 24APA. Unfortunately, I know it will be a lot of work for them to remidy the situation. Is it unreasonable to request that they rotate it...maybe at a slower time of the year?

Can the unit (compressor) be accessed/serviced through the top? I know they are quite heavy and it would be pretty hard to lift one out the top even if you could get the fan out of the way.