I just had installed a 2 ton Carrier 38HDR and Carrier Perfomance 80 furnace.

I'm happy for the most part, but am wondering about my "living space" as it pertains to the AC part. 887 sq. foot condo. So. Calif.

As you will see in the pics, what I consider my living space is my living room,
my connected dining room and my "galley kitchen."

I'm not getting as cool as quickly as I expected in "my living space."

The living room is high slanted roof, and has insulation. The dining room connects..so does the "galley kitchen"..so does the hallway.

For all of these, I have just two registers to cool my "living area."
Check the pics.

Notice the small 4"x6" that serves as both my kitchen and my dining room,
Besides that...there is the one larger living room register. (pics).
These two registers alone have to serve my living room, dining room, galley kitchen.

The refridge is putting out heat, my computer is putting out heat, I have a large living room window (sun passes over after 12 pm).

Only 2 registers to cool my "living area."

Help! Shouldn't I enlarge that kitchen/dining room register?

My AC struggles at times with just two registers to cool down all these areas. I know my 2 Ton Carrier is up to the task. So is the closet unit.

Don't I need a new duct somewhere in this area? Or at least a bigger one at the kitchen? My AC can easily handle the airflow and such.

My condo was one that was designed for heat, not AC. My capable 2 ton has only these two registers to cool down a large area.

Pics. The closet past the lamp is the AC closet. Above my computer is my dining room which could use another vent?

All's I'm asking is...isn't that a lot of space to expect a neat AC to cool well with just two registers?