A year and a half or so I inquired about the problem I was having with my new Trane. After that I invested $1000 in examinations by three other companies and personal test equipment including a top line Datalogger. Everyone blamed me or my house, the Trane was fine. After several hundred pages of Datalogger charts I was able to prove my point, a 6 to 8 degree rise in output temperature, during the day, was not normal. They finally found that the compressors were defective. The unit has worked perfect for over a year now. I should mention that my normal temp here is 115 plus or minus 5 degrees.
My questions are: my datalogger shows a normal split of anywhere from 22 to 25 degrees at the fan coil. This morning it was 24.1 with an outside temp of 104. I have been told this is no good. Why not? Freeze up? With a high of 40% and a normal of 15% humidity, there is no possibility. My 15 year old Lennox HP21 can do 23 degrees..for 15 years. What gives?
However my HP21 just gave up and I am looking at a Goodman. Experts say the Cons are installer related and the unit is good. I can verify that with a Trane.