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Thread: NE PA Pay Scale

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    NE PA Pay Scale

    I'm fairly new to the HVAC field.....I have 2 years of commercial experience and a degree from a junior college ( very basic hvac program). I'm also EPA certified. I'm trying to get an idea of "what I'm worth". I'm a good worker, on time every day, no *****ing, do everything that's asked of me, am good with the customers and get along with my fellow techs. Am learning the job but know there is so much more to learn but I want my pay to increase as I learn. I know 2 years is not much time but I've already come a long way in those 2 short years and enjoy my job.....don't mind the physical work at all. My question is what is a "Good worker" worth in NE PA?? I've received one raise of FIFTY CENTS in 2 years!!! I've stayed this long because I like the people, boss, job.......everything but my PAY! Just like an idea what others are getting?

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    #1 - You're worth as much as you can possibly make.

    #2 - You should always be worth more than you make.

    Check out Local 420's web-site, they have the areas wage rates and benefit packages posted. If you're making less, give them a call.

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    50 cents in 2 years doesn't sound like much. Just out of curiosity, where are you working at and what wage did they start you at?

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    JoeCool, I started @ 10.50/hr and am now making $11.00/hr. I'm a WORKER and I'm learning my job. I don't expect to make what 5,10 or 20 year guys make but I want to be treated fairly. It seems pay at this company is the main problem. Softtail or JoeCool do you guys have any idea if you need a "sponsor" to get in the union here? I haven't looked into it and don't know anyone in the HVAC union (pipefitters?) but I'm going to have to look into it. Thanks for any replys.

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    Here's the Union payscale for the State of NJ..........NE Pennsylvania shouldn't be too far off from's a little dated, but it's most current one I could find right now.

    If you were a 2nd year guy here you'd be making $18-$19/hr in the check, plus bennies. The open shops are running around 20% less and most have no bennies except health insurance and a 401K, both of which come out of your paycheck.

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    check in with the UA local in scranton, they are pretty busy most of the time.

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