System: VisionPRO IAQ t-stats, Trane XL14c Dual Fuel, Honeywell HZ432 TrueZONE Panel

- The install instructions for the HZ432 say to wire the AHU to the DS/BK terminal. I've checked and nothing is connected to it. Everything else seems to be connected properly. I plan on calling my tech, but for my own general knowledge - what wire from the Trane unit should be connected to the DS/BK jumper?

- The install instructions for the Trane XL14c mention dip switches on the ECM Fan Control. It says these 8 dip switches allow the variable fan settings to be changed, and to see the Airflow Table and the Blower Performance Table in the SERVICE FACTS for more info. I cannot find these tables or SERVICE FACTS. Anyone know where to find it? Anyone have more info on these dip switches?

- The Trane unit has the Comfort-R with the ramp-up fan speed. The HZ432 will also reduce fan speed by 80% when only one zone is calling. Question - if both these option are enabled, will the Trane unit still ramp-up even when it's being reduced to 80% by the panel?

- Where exactly is Comfort-R enabled/disabled on the unit?