I live in Pennsylvania in a two story house that is approximately 2500 square feet. I currently have an oil furnace, 81 afue, with oil prices around 4.50 a gallon. I generally use between 700 to 900 gallons of oil a year. My oil furnace as well as my outside air conditioner is approximately 11 to 12 years old and I'm interested in replacing both. Reason is, during the winter months my electric bill is approximately $300 not counting in the $300 a month I put away year round to pay for oil. My neighbors are paying mid to low $200's for just electric heat.

Is it worth it for me to replace both systems and get a heat pump and air handler(with electric backup) for my basement?

I am looking for high efficiency and willing to pay if the cost is worth it. Any recommendation on what brand and units I should buy?

Also, I've had one estimate so far and the technician recommended converting to a 2 zone system. Is that appropriate as my upstairs is generally different in tempature to the first floor? I apparently have from the basement a vent that lead solely to the second floor.