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thanks for the reply. If the lack of proper support for the drain line and lack of proper trapping contributed to the cracked pan, do you think when they replace the pan they should also fix the drain line so that it's supported and install a P-trap? In another post, i read that you said you don't usually see P-traps on older models. Mine was manufactured in 2005. Is that considered to be an older model?

When you say the installer wouldn't have any liability after 3 years, does this mean even if there's clear evidence of improper installation, if there is such evidence?
Well this is where you get into problems with the installer now that three years has passed, most installers only waranty their work for 30+ days, not years, second yes, lack of support is what caused the condensate line to crack at the pan, and as far as the installation of p traps on older units goes, back in the days, it was not deemed necessary, to install a p trap on a RTU. I've seen a many number of RTU drain just fine without a p trap installed, but a p trap will aid in the draining of the condensate pan. Haveing a p trap installed is better than not haveing one installed. The fact here is that you not haveing a p trap on you system is totally beside the point, the problem here is your condensate line was not supported as it should have been and cracked at the pan. Now you may have a legal case here but I would recommend not going that direction and try working it out with the contractor that did the work. Other wise your best bet is takeing the blows and find a contractor that will do the work right the first time.