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    Paint for York condensing units

    Just wondering if anyone knows if I can purchase touchup paint for York "champagne colored" H2DH series condensing units. They are about 10 years old, work like new and look almost new, but I would like to touchup a few spots. Original factory paint would be preferred if available in spray.

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    I am chuckling reading this. I'm not meaning to insult you. You must be very anal to even worry about paint coming off your "units". I hope you put as much into regular maintenance as you do worrying about how your "equipment" looks. If you do, I salute you. It might be a tough one to find. I would recommend calling whomever installed them and ask them to contact your local York dealer. Sometimes supply houses will actually have touch up paint. Keep in mind that they will probably not match exactly due to different lots of paint through the years and fading of the original paint through years of weathering and oxidation. Maybe go to home depot with a sample of it and see if they can match it.

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    Don't forget to throw a coat of wax on after the paint sets.

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    Take a paint chip with you to a paint store that can color match.
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    No offense, but its just that very seldom ever does a homeowner have a complaint
    about a units looks..its usually a heating or cooling problem.
    I have to admit..its kind of unexpected & refreshing.

    thanks for the laugh, & hope you find your paint!
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