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    Question selecting a heat pump etc.

    I've got several quotes in front of me for various heat pumps, and everybody basically recommends something here goes...

    What is the general rule of thumb for selecting a seer rating? Buy the biggest you can afford? Go with cheap? Is there an equation I can plug the up front cost into and figure rate of return on utilities based on seer rating?

    Second, what questions should I ask about the installation (interviewing them for installation practices)?

    Third, What is the usual cost for switching from LP to All Electric? I have some friends who already had electric and bought the same system(s) I'm looking at and the cost I was quoted from the same companies are substantially higher (so they didn't have to convert, I do)??? A 60amp breaker will be added to the 200amp panel, and this panel is ~25 feet from the furnace area...

    Fourth, are there a lot of people replacing old LP units with all electric these days??? system is 19 years old...and very in-efficient...but LP is up there these days....starting to rival with gas prices, so I'm thinking (obvious from the questions above) about going with a all electric heat pump.

    Oh, yeah, and what about a scroll compressor vs. reciprocating???

    Sorry for all the questions, but I don't shop for HVAC everyday.

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    Easier to give answers and advise, If we know what area your in.
    An idea of what size your house is. How many floors. Do you have a lot of windows. Hows your insulation.
    Whats yout electric rate.
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    Central Indiana, weird house, two floors, ~1100 sqr ft. (~550 down ~550 up). Insulation OK (19 yrs old), qty 8 terrible windows...hopefully they will be replaced next year. I don't know the rate, I'll have to dig up a bill in few...return ducts in each room, on a crawl.

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    Dual fuel may not be a bad idea. may offset price of wire and new breaker.

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    Cost Op

    Have your contractor run a cost of operation comparison on several types of systems.

    In northwest KY a cost op on the diff between a 2-stage 16 seer heatpump with variable drive 90% and 13 seer with basic 90% is on average of only $100 diff between the two for total annual savings differance.

    Both saving almost a $1000 a year over 80% gas & 10 Seer a/c.

    Major diff between two systems is creature comfort

    Higher end system with multi stages will provide better comfort and possibly better humidity control but bottom line is going from straight gas to heatpump will save you a bundle no matter what SEER you choose just choose qualified contractor
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    Unless you are on a co-op with outrageous electric rates definitely wise around here to go dual fuel. If you backup is LP, probably wise just to boot the LP too. Got a guy in the biz just had us swap a good A/C for a pump with his LP, then decided to upgrade the juice and go electric backup. And he is on a co-op. If on Duke or IPL, electric is a no-brainer.

    For the most part, super SEER doesn't pay back around here. Just look for a good overall unit meaning look at HSPF and heating ability, not just SEER. Some popular heat pumps don't do as well in the winter meaning cooler temps and higher bills.

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    I am on a co-op, RSE, what are the current rates for Duke and IPL...I didn't think my rates are outrageous, but since you brought it up, I asked a friend and he said RSE is near the highest in the state! (I haven't done research to verify that statement though). I have one friend on RSE who had LP and switched to all electric (he has a very old poorly insulated home) he says he is saving a bundle???

    the two options I'm looking at for all electric is 13 seer/8 HSPF and 16 seer/9 to 9.5 HSPF (depending on the brand)....

    I'm at a loss of what to do?

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    You would have to look at your electric bill to know what your paying for electric.

    LP is not known as a cheap heating fuel.
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