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    Question selecting a heat pump etc.

    I've got several quotes in front of me for various heat pumps, and everybody basically recommends something here goes...

    What is the general rule of thumb for selecting a seer rating? Buy the biggest you can afford? Go with cheap? Is there an equation I can plug the up front cost into and figure rate of return on utilities based on seer rating?

    Second, what questions should I ask about the installation (interviewing them for installation practices)?

    Third, What is the usual cost for switching from LP to All Electric? I have some friends who already had electric and bought the same system(s) I'm looking at and the cost I was quoted from the same companies are substantially higher (so they didn't have to convert, I do)??? A 60amp breaker will be added to the 200amp panel, and this panel is ~25 feet from the furnace area...

    Fourth, are there a lot of people replacing old LP units with all electric these days??? system is 19 years old...and very in-efficient...but LP is up there these days....starting to rival with gas prices, so I'm thinking (obvious from the questions above) about going with a all electric heat pump.

    Oh, yeah, and what about a scroll compressor vs. reciprocating???

    Sorry for all the questions, but I don't shop for HVAC everyday.

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