I have an air conditioner that was installed in 2001 that came with a Little Giant Pump "Auxillary Condensate Switch" that turns off the air conditioning unit when the condensate level in the condensate drain pan approaches overflow. The problem is that this seems to happen often. Last summer, after numerous times of warm air blowing out of the ducts, I called for service. The technician checked everything and couldn't find anything. This year, the same thing is happening and I haven't had the A/C on much this season (partly because of this problem). Last night when I turned it on, warm air was blowing out (realized the unit had turned off so must have been the fan). But this afternoon, I turned it on and it's fine. What do I do when the drain pan is approaching overflow? Can I empty it myself manually somehow? Can I get a larger drain pan installed or some system so the pan can drain automatically (unit is in the attic which is not very accessible)?

Thank you for your help and suggestions.