Got an AHS call this week a/c-n/c so get to home find 1978 Red-T 5.0 ton cap-tube coil and Sun Dial air handler /w/ 1980 York 4.0 ton condenser.

Check filter, blower ,good cfm,so go outside to check pressures,(S) 52/175(L)psi charge a little low so I get R-22 to charge system and get pressure up and walk back inside hot , with no cooling in coil so access coil,and remove blower wire to check metering,NADA nothing. So walk back outside and compressor is whining and head is down. I shut off ;pressure equalize,I think maybe something trapped in cap-tubes start up and compressor grinds and cut's out.Restart and 110/150 with 7.8amps. bad a valves. So I go to take my suction line hose off and this sucker sprays me with oil,nothing on high side. Never seen this before, usally its the high side that oils out on compressor lock-up.

But, the little old lady stated it had not worked very good last year, then when she tried it this year it just quit..New 4.0 ton coil and 4.0 condenser,installed Friday, and guy's said she was very happy to have it fixed.Made them cookies while they installed unit.Dang installer's get all the perks, I condemn it and they eat up my benefits.LOL