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    Question Carrier Vs. Bryant Equivalency?

    What is the Bryant equivalent of a Carrier 25HBR3, as far as the series of heat pump (not necessarily size)? Likewise, what is the equivalent Carrier of a Bryant 213 Series?

    Are these two series/models still current product? if not what would be the current product equivalents?


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    Carrier 25HBR3 --> Bryant 213R
    Bryant 213R --> Carrier 25HBR3

    LOL. Yes, they're still current. Those are builder-model units. Replace the R with A for R410A models.

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    Interesting that they are the same thing, with a huge price difference, hopefully my other post generates an answer to that.

    The reason I ask if it is current, is because on the Bryant website when I click the various models....i.e. evolution series...I don't find that is this fall under their RNC models, and what is Legacy RNC mean....contractor grade?

    So, since this more of an installers forum, and not a dyi forum, I have to ask the installers/resellers, why they push a contractors grade unit? Or is there a misconception that contractor grade units are cheap in quality and price?

    I'm not trying to make anybody mad with that question, I'm trying to understand the logic of wanting to install a cheaper unit, because it is affordable? cause it's good enough for hvac science?? etc.?

    Thanks for the help.

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    They are built to a price point to be competitive in the markret place. It my be their misjudgement thinking you're price sensitive. So they offer the low priced eqquipment. Or a dozen other reasons like they have a warehouse full.............................................. .........................

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    Yes, the RNC models are cheapest of the lot. Definitely the way builders go and many replacement jobs since homeowners tend to be looking for the lowest bid. Pretty rare we lose a job to a higher priced bidder!

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