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    Confused Payne or Goodman????

    I need to replace my current home A/C. I have received a number of quotes and I have narrowed it down to a 13 SEER 4-ton Goodman and a 13 SEER 4-ton Payne (which I believe is made by Carrier). They both use 410-A (my old unit used Freon). Each installer has experience with replacing a Freon unit with a 410A unit. And I have checked the references on each installer (they were recommended by friends). The warranties are similar - 10 years including the compressor, although I was told I would have to do either an online registration or mail-in rebate to get the 10 years for the Payne. The total price for installing the Payne was just a couple of hundred dollars more. My question is whether the quality in the Payne model is worth paying a little more. From what I read, the installer is more important than the brand name.


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    Do they both have a TXV ,on the indoor coil?

    Otherwise it may be a coin toss,though the one that costs more may be a better company overall.

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    Installer is more important than the name on the unit

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    Payne= Made by Carrier in Mexico
    Goodman= Made in the USA (for now)
    I have installed both, and they are comparable. I personally try to buy American products (though I am definitely in the minority) so i give the edge to Goodman. Choose the Install based on the installing contractor. Good Luck.

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