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    Engineering Excellence in Ohio

    Has anyone got any opinions on this Co.? im selling my Co. and starting with them in some time, They seem good on the surface but we all know this story.....any info will help Thanks

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    Thumbs up Engineering Excellence

    I worked for Engineering Excellence as a Service Tech back in the early 90's.

    I applied and had 3 interviews but after getting an offer I decided to stay at the company that I had worked for 14 years. Six months later I received a call from them. I told him that I had an offer but decided not to make a change. He stopped in mid sentence and said. "I don't think you understand, what ever the problem is that kept you from joining us, we will work it out"!

    During the next interview I told them I had just came back from Ashrae show in Atlanta and read an article in Contracting Business about the best hvac company to work for in the US. Tom Winstel, the owner, told me that was one of their goals. He told me about the things they were doing to try to achieve that. I only worked for them for 2 years but during that time I received the best technical training that I could have imagined. Every Tuesday evening we had a training session They tried to get all of the techs out of town for a factory training program every two years.

    The PM's were the most detailed that I had ever seem. As an example, most companies look at a failed compressor as a sales opportunity. They looked at it as a failure of the pm's if we were not able to detect a possible problem and notify the customer before it caused a failure of the equipment. If there was something new on the market that could help do a better or more accurate job they checked it out. Back in the early 90's we even had cell phones and mobile fax machines in every truck to send in copies of service tickets or receive technical information.

    Tom Winstel (owner) along with his brother Bob Winstel (who I worked with at another company) are two of the most knowledgeable people I have known in the business. Though I only worked for them for 2 years I grew more as a tech than anywhere else.

    I had not talked to them after leaving until a few years ago when I called Tom and congratulated him on achieving his goal of becoming Contracting Businesses best contractor to work for.

    I live in Indianapolis, but if I was looking back in their market, they would be one of the first people I would call.

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