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    No pricing, no DIY, please read Site Rules

    If you can't read and follow those rules.

    You probably would have trouble reading and following repair instructions.

    No one from this side can even tell if your system is low with the info you gave.

    But, if you want, I can give you the list of tools and meters you need. And then you can go spend a couple thousand dollars, and see if its low on charge.

    Just don't see how that would save you any money.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maseis1 View Post
    Sounds like job security to me
    Nope...............A/C is not DIY stuff like going to Autozone. You are not replacing a headlight, which is obvious when it fails.

    Troubleshooting an A/C system takes knowledge, you just don't put refrigerant in when it doesn't cool.

    Soo, yea, it's job security!

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    If I had a burnt valve on my Tacoma or

    Quote Originally Posted by maseis1 View Post
    Sounds like job security to me
    bad motor mount, I COULD try to fix myself. And I could save butt load of mullah compared to what the Toyota place charges, but then again I could really muck it up and I'm out big time and who knows I could wind up in the orthopedic wing at the hospital w/multiple carpal and metacarpal injuries, not have a truck for a long while and then have to fix it right.

    Have someone who knows what they're doing look at it.

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