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    Repair or Replace Carrier Condenser?


    My Carrier condenser unit has stopped working. The inside circulation fan turns on, but the outside condenser unit only emits a vibrating sound from the control box. The vibration seems to be coming from either the right hand relay or what looks like a transformer on the right hand side.

    The control box had a lot of ants in it and they had accumulated a lot of debris over most of the components and wiring. I'm wondering if this may have shorted somethings. We just got through a wet spell and the debris was probably damp.

    The previous owner of the home seems to have had all improvements done "by the book". So I assume this is a well-matched system. But, I suspect the central air conditioning system is quite old. (I can't find any info on the web.)

    Should I consider repairing the condenser or would it be wiser to update it to a more efficient unit? Is R-22 a problem?

    Model: 38VE003300
    Amps: min 18.4 max 30
    Compressor: 203/230 v 1ph 60hz
    RLA: 14
    Charge: R-22 8.5lbs
    Fan: 208/230 1ph 60hz

    Thank you for your help,
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