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    Question Blower Speed Question / Lennox VS with IAQ

    Had my new system installed Thursday and there are some configuration issues I outlined in the above thread, and a senior tech is coming out Monday to make things right.

    System is Lennox XC16-048 with Lennox G60UHV-60C-090X a five-ton Aspen coil and VisionPro IAQ t-stat.

    My question is should I ask the tech to lower blower speed from its current 2000 CFM (default for furnace) to 1600 CFM given this is a four-ton system (4 X 400 = 1600)?

    At 2000 CFM the new system seems much louder than the old system.

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    Unless you're in an arid climate, I'd suggest 400 cfm/ton. 350 cfm/ton if you're in a real humid climate. Also, your ductwork may be a bit undersized for 2000 cfm if 1600 cfm of airflow was what the old system did. Installers should have configured the furnace blower speed properly. 500 cfm/ton is high.

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    Thanks for the reply. This is as I suspected.

    As I mentioned, the installer literally installed the system and turned it on with no configuration of anything. Hopefully we'll get this squared away when tech comes out Monday.

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