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    Quote Originally Posted by superd77 View Post
    Dude.... you can't buy a "new 14 year old" 10 SEER coil. A 13 SEER coil will work very well with a 10 SEER condenser. It will boost the overall efficiency of the unit to 11 or 11.5
    You have 15.To the OP Change it all kick back have a beer and watch the installers work.

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    Thank you for sharing that with me!
    It's contrary to what I've been told so thanks!! I've learned something on this forum and for that I am thankful.
    All my best,

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    Thanks for the advice everybody. Consensus seems to be to bite the bullet and change out the coil. I didn't think of reselling it on e-Bay - thanks craig725 for suggesting that. It would make the bullet a bit easier to bite.

    One more question: if I use the existing coils and the installer doesn't flush it out very well and I get some R22 in my R410 system, what happens? What can I expect to go wrong and when? I ask because he's offering 10 yr warrantee on compressor and 5yr parts&labor for the rest of the system (except existing coil).

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    R22 isn't the concern,mineral oil used with it,as opposed to POE oil with Puron/R410a is.

    We don' have issues with doing it,warranty wise or other.

    In our area it's heat pumps with air handlers so the cost to change the air handler is greater then just a coil.Either way it should be fine.

    Plus side,new coil=new warranty.

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