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    I am a 4th year app. and will be moving down to the coast shortly. I have been doing mostly geos for the last year or so, and I enjoy it and wouldn't mind staying in it, but I dont mind doing something else to learn another aspect of the industry. If any of you guys know of decent co's hiring, I would appreciate you letting me know. Also many people are telling me the only way to go down there is to go union. Is it really that different, or are there some pretty good non union jobs out there as well?
    P.s. I'll probably be living in the maple ridge, poco area, so stuff in that area might be a little more attractive. Thanks for any input.

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    It's crazy busy down'll have a job in no time.

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    I agree, you wil have no problems find a job over here in Vncouver. There is a few guys posting on craiglist all the time. Its up to you if you want to go union but I do know you can make more money non-union right now.

    Try these two companies, though both are based in Vnacouver they are always looking for people. MDE ask for MEl and Integrety I dont remember the contact name.

    If you are in a pinch I can use help in late August, its all ventilation in Squamish for two 6 storey towers and parkade.

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    I'm also in my 4th year here in Vancity. The union benifits of 516 are amazing! As the others have said, the trades are booming right now. You'll find new postings every month from contractors looking for apprentices and journeymen in most of the HVAC/R suppliers. If you plan on going union, I'd suggest calling them asap and chat with whomever you can about job opportunities

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