I would appreciate some help from the pros here.

Last night the air going to my bedrooms got warm regardless of tstat setting. I went up to the attic to look things over. I found that while my blower and water pump motors were continuing to run, my compressor was not. (I have a WaterFurnace Envision NDV038 HP - 3 ton, 2-stage, variable speed).

Knowing my unit has a ComfortAlert diagnostic module, I checked the status LED lights. I found the red 'Trip' LED turned on. I successfully reset it by turning off the tstat. But, when turning the tstat back on, the compressor still didn't start up. And the 'Trip' LED came back on as soon as a pretty loud relay engaged (I think this is the compressor contactor). I even tried completely removing power to the HP by turning off the circuit breaker to the whole unit. But this this power recycle didn't correct things either.

I looked up in the WF manual what 'Trip' LED indicates - basically: no power is getting to the compressor. So I looked over the compressor itself (Copeland UltraTech ZPS30K4E-PVF-130) to see if there is a 'reset' switch, thinking that after letting everything rest for a while, this would be worth a try to get the unit running through the night.

I didn't find a compressor 'reset.' But I did discover a problem. The 3 wire electric power connection was significantly angled out from the compressor, and, it has a lot of deterioration like it had gotten pretty hot. Remembering the 'Trip' LED, I guessed that the compressor wasn't running because its electrical power connection finally gave out. I pushed the power connector all the way back onto the compressor, turned the circuit breaker back on, and waited through the startup cycle to find that the compressor now worked.

It looks like the connector was never fully seated properly on the compressor at the time of HP manufacture, or even when the compressor was manufactured. And over the course of the 11 months that I've had the HP, the connector heated up to the point that the connection finally failed.

This morning I called a (the only) WaterFurnace GeoPro Master Dealer near me, thinking this is a specialized problem that would require specific-to-WF expertise. The gentleman is going to come in the next few days. Since I think the connector will temporarily last a little bit, and since the maintenance/repair/install business here in the Dallas area is absolutely crazy right now, I told him I was comfortable being scheduled at his convenience.

During the course of the phone conversation, a few subjects came up that I'd really appreciate some help/comment with. Like many others who get helped here, I'd sure appreciate being reasonably knowledgeable in preparation for the technician coming to look things over.

1. For my model/version of Copeland compressor, is the power connection a Copeland factory installed molded connector that's not supposed to be 'disengageable' from the compressor body?

2. And if so, is there really a possibility that I might have to have a compressor change out to fix this problem (really don't want to do this - my HP runs really great)? Or is there something available to the pros to do a reliable and safe field connection of power to a Copeland compressor?

3. Is this something that would/should be covered by my WF 10 years parts / labor allowance warranty?

4. And is this something that only a WF specially trained technician can fix, or, is it something I can be comfortable with good professional techs overall?

Many thanks!

Best regards,