WE are building a 3500 sq foot home in Ohio. Front door faces east Back door faces West and sits on a hill.

I have been talking to reps from Low-E to find ways to lower our utility bills when this project is complete.

We are going with a 6ton WF geothermal.

I wanted to know what you thought of these fairly new products:

1.) Slabshield- polyethylene foam with aluminum: placed under the basement before cement is poured. This provides an R value of R3
Simple to install and replaces the mil vapor barrier. Cost is mid 40cents per foot.

2) Low E- House wrap. Aluminum coated W/ closed cell polyethylene. Blocks 97% radiant energy. Provides Rvalue of R4. Cost is about double that of Tyvek house wrap.

3) Micro E- for attics/roof: Aluminum facing 1/8" thick. Placed between joists, easy to install stapled with tabs. Rep. claims this will reduce the temperature of the attic between 30- 40 degrees! Cost is close to the house wrap.

If these work, they sound like they could be very beneficial in the long run. The initial cost (I am guessing) may be around 4-5,000 to install all of these. Which seems low to me for improvement on effeciency. They may produce good returns by lower heating/cooling costs over the next many years.

Have any of you used/installed these products? Does is seem to be worth the initial expense?