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It is just words on a screen. How offended can you really be by that? <g>

And; you can be selfish: just take what you want or need and leave the rest lying there in the dirt. No reason to get any on yourself.


I know, you are right. It is just the general principal I have issue with. What was the point of the guys post if you think about it? He has only posted here 7 times and this is one of them? How does a person like this further the cause to educate homeowners like myself.

The more educated we homeowners are, the more buisiness that HVAC contractors receive. I would think that posts like this should warrant an automatic suspension, or "time out" from the moderators.

I am not crying in my milk about it, but I do believe there should be some pride amongst the educated posters on this board who give valuable and thoughtful insight on HVAC issues that some self policing by the mods for jackals like this guy.