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    No fan, heat, or cooling - cannot activate system

    I am currently working with a Honeywell EMM-3 mainboard to control the hvac system. The central fan does not come on, and therefore neither does cooling or heat. This is a 2 zone system and neither zone will activate the fan.

    The EMM-3 panel will sometimes show the system LED with a flashing orange - meaning it is in purge mode. The purge bypass button does not bypass the sequence, and it remains flashing with the 3 damper LEDs lit up with green (call for cooling).

    I have tried resetting the system, but when I go to the t-stat to have a zone call for cooling, I hear the damper or actuator make a clicking noise. It clicks maybe for 2-3 minutes before it stops, and the system still does not come on.

    At this point I am a little confused as to what is causing the problem. I've check the EMM-3 panel and there seems to be sufficient voltage at the damper connect. Is the panel bad? Or is it the damper motor or actuator?


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    Their is no DIYs allowed on the site. You will have to call a local company to help you. Good Luck
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    a little help

    "Clicking" zones usually indicate a striped actuator that in turn indicates too high static pressure due to poor by-pass air volume wich in turn strips actuators and burns out unit blower motors.... from where im sitting without seeing the system I would suggest having A/C unit checked out, check if "any" discharge air sensor or discharge air was installed. Any descent service tech will be able to zero in on that problem quickly. If there is no By-pass air in that system then have one installed before the compressor takes a dump on you cause that is not a good thing.

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    sorry - didn't know about the DIY stuff. I did call a technician to come take a look, but he won't be able to come until next week. All techs are so busy during summer. =(

    That means I get to sit in a 90+ degree house for a few more days.

    Thanks ddog1 for the tip.

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    the no "Tech Help" rule on this site is for your physical protection and our legal protection. That being said, most honeywell systems are homeowner friendly and can be figured out without any technical know how by simply reading thier owners manual, as far as determining the fault but not "how" to fix. I would suggest having the qualified tech check for proper installation of entire system and not assuming that this is just happenstance. Also honeywell has a customer service line for homeowners I believe.....

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