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    Post Condo AC with no cold air

    I just moved into a new condo building (renter), and discovered on this rather humid day that the AC doesn't seem to be outputting cold air. It's circulating fine, blowing air around, but basically just acting like an oversized fan at the moment.

    I checked the vents and vacuumed cleaned the filters (they need to be replaced). While cleaning the filter for what I think is an air intake vent (on the ground, at the unit itself), I looked up and into the unit to see if I could see anything. It looks like the floor of the unit is wet, or was wet at some point. About 2 feet up from the floor is a valve (can't tell if it's open or not) with a clear plastic tube running to it, that is empty. There is a drip (condensation or leak, not sure) on some duct tape that is around the cut off valve. My impression is that the unit has leaked out and that's why it's no longer working, but I'm not sure. Just wanted to get some advice so I know what to tell the repair company when I call them. Also wondering if I should turn the unit off if it's running dry? I'm pretty sure that who ever was living here before me left it running, so it's likely that any damage that could have been done, has been.


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    shut it down and call the landlord.

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    Since the indoor blower is running - the furnace switch is on

    Is the circuit breaker for the outdoor unit on?

    Beyond that you should just tell the service company to just go over everything and make sure it's all playing nice together. Especially since the place is new to you.
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    Generally, the landlord is responsible for the repair of equipment on retal propertuies. Call yoour landlord and let him/her know its not working.
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    The joy's of renting, no repair bills.

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    Thanks guys, I have spoken to the landlord, and they will be paying to fix it, but I've got to contact the repair company to setup an appointment when I'll be here. I'm mostly just curious into why it might not be working for personal interest sake, and so I'll have some idea of what the repairman is up to when he comes by

    @Poodle Head Mikey - I assume it's on, all the breakers in the unit are on, but the outdoor part is out of my control, on the roof of the building.

    I'd also like to leave the unit running for air flow, if it's not going to cause further damage, since at least having some movement makes it feel less hot.

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    The best thing to do is call a professional and have them take a look at it. Just tell them what you have told us here. It will be easy for them to diagnose your problem with the unit right in front of them.

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    If you can cut the breaker to the condenser do so. Then just use the fan till they can check it.

    or make sure it's not in cool or heat and in the off position with the fan in the on position.

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    @BigJon3475 - unfortunately there are 2 breaker switches, both of which say 'fan coil' and are 20amps, so I'm not sure which would do what.

    I'll leave it alone, I guess 1 more day isn't going to cause further problems than it already has. Thanks for the help & insight everyone!

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    turn the thermostat fan setting to "ON" and the heat/cool setting to "OFF".

    Doing this may help for a faster diagnoses.

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    Condo AC with no cold air

    Saw this ad, and thought to myself , who would want to buy this.

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