I just moved into a new condo building (renter), and discovered on this rather humid day that the AC doesn't seem to be outputting cold air. It's circulating fine, blowing air around, but basically just acting like an oversized fan at the moment.

I checked the vents and vacuumed cleaned the filters (they need to be replaced). While cleaning the filter for what I think is an air intake vent (on the ground, at the unit itself), I looked up and into the unit to see if I could see anything. It looks like the floor of the unit is wet, or was wet at some point. About 2 feet up from the floor is a valve (can't tell if it's open or not) with a clear plastic tube running to it, that is empty. There is a drip (condensation or leak, not sure) on some duct tape that is around the cut off valve. My impression is that the unit has leaked out and that's why it's no longer working, but I'm not sure. Just wanted to get some advice so I know what to tell the repair company when I call them. Also wondering if I should turn the unit off if it's running dry? I'm pretty sure that who ever was living here before me left it running, so it's likely that any damage that could have been done, has been.