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    Question Cannot Figure It Out. Help???

    Please reply with any thoughts. Our A/C unit in the closet has a lot of condensation on it. It only happens as the day goes on and it gets hot (TEXAS). Our A/C guy is stumped. He checked the evap coils and all was clean. He has been here twice and can't figure it out. It has a gas furnace so there is the opening to the attic. The filter is new too.

    The unit itself (case) is cold to the touch and that is where the condensation is.

    Suggestions for the next repair guy?

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    High humidity fresh air coming in teh furnaces combustion air intake. And possibly low air flow making the coil to cold.
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    Is closet a conditioned space? ( same temp as rest of home)

    Has insulation in coil case been damaged or removed?

    is duct or furnace sweating?
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    You need to insulate inside cabinet better than it also sounds like you have a low return so if possible bring in a high return. And it is necessary to have fresh outside air in that mechanical room for combustion for that furnace so dont try to seal of all air inlets to remove humidity during summer. If condensation is causing mold after inner cabinet of unit has been re-insulated then I would suggest insulating exterior of cabinet with "BUBBLE FOIL" glues on and looks o.k. But please have a tech due it and not yourself so as not to "screw up" something. "DO NOT" attempt to screw anything to the side of that unit. Also have tech check the blower speed on cool slow a speed will cause low temps but it is really bad for compressor and efficiency.
    Good luck

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