I'm thinking of installing a digital programmable heat pump thermostat, but need one that can control a multi-stage compressor as well as a variable-speed blower. Besides the Honeywell VisionPro IAQ (YTH9421), are there any other thermostats that can control humidy by adjusting blower speed?

In other threads I saw mentioned that there are some other thermostats that compensate for high humidity by overcooling, but which do not actually control blower speed. As my system has a variable speed blower, I am only interested in thermostats that can actually control blower speed.

Does anyone know if the Carrier Infinity control can be used with non-Carrier systems - like a Lennox?

BTW: I would have thrown this question out to the "Controls" forum, but the people who frequent that forum seem to be mainly interested in controls for commercial systems.