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    I've seen 2 ton A/Cs trying to cool a place that needs 5 tons (pizza shops) they don't blow up because they are undersized.
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    ptc start assist failing and getting the papers in the unit?

    I do believe Bryant faced a lawsuit in KY regarding this issue.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Undersized units have no predilection for explosion or fire

    And nothing which comes out of them would produce both an extensive surrounding burn pattern and not damage the aluminum fins of the units themselves.

    My vote is for an externally applied accelerative and ignition source.
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    Could they have used one of the R22 replacement refrigerants instead of using off the shelf R22? I have heard in the past of some R22 substitutes which were flammable.

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    Yes the substitutes contain iso-butane's.

    I'm with jr someone left eh paperwork inside the unit.

    Keep us informed of the findings.

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    Get more pictures....

    Get some close-ups and some before pics of what the set-up looks like beforehand.

    Are the high voltage lines buried????
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    I've seen it before. The terminals let loose on the compressor spewing oil all over and all you need is a little voltage or something hot present. It doesn't seem to be product specific though. My guess is that if it's happening in the same complex the voltage is low coming in, compressor strains more than usual and bam... there you go. It's even worse when you have vinyl siding behind the unit, believe me! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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