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    which meter reader has time to compute kwh used?
    or measures kwh?

    mine read the dials, then record the numbers --
    computer back in co office computes kwh used --

    again, compute kwh/DegreeDay/cu ft [of conditioned space]
    -- deduct out the ave kwh of lowest month in spring & fall when HVAC useage is lowest -- before computing
    harvest rainwater,make SHADE,R75/50/30= roof/wall/floor, use HVAC mastic,caulk all wall seams!

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    When the power company estimated by bill everyother month up until they came out and changed everyones meter in our town what I was charged based on estimated readings I was responsible to pay as if I didn't pay the full amount it was carried over to the next month which then was a actual reading, and the balance then add on from the previous month. I can tell you I am not imagining this as this is truely what was happening and there estimating was nearly twice what I normally used, and Had they estimated by bill close to my actual usage I would have never complained to them but I finally got fed up with the power company about there estimating and wrote them a very long e-mail which I did recieve a reply and not once did they ever mention that when they estimated my bill everyother month that the balance was balanced out the next when the actual reading was billed. Example: month 1 billing $300 estimated, month 2 actual $185 I never never had any credits on any billing when there was a actual reading. And all balances were carried over. When the heating season was over basically mid to late April I was still paying off a balance of maybe $600. But now that the new meter in installed and actual readings are taken monthly my bill has not reached any amounts over $150 which includes both NG and electric togeather. Now if anyone that has posted on this tread doubts what I have stated I do not have a problem showing you my billing prior to the new meter being installed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adt2 View Post
    I am going to be brief, because I have a lot of information to pass along. Bear with me.

    4216sf 1 story home built 2 years ago (I am the builder)
    Bio-base foam insulation throughout
    Unvented, conditioned attic space (insulation on underside of roof deck)
    Vinyl low-e windows, insulated doors, etc.
    Two (2) 5-ton Amana Heat Pump units
    Programmable T-stats set on 82 during the day, 74 overnight
    Last month's bill - $688 (approx. 3900 KWH)
    Prior month's bill - $461 (approx. 3000 KWH)
    Two April Aire dehumidifiers
    High bill - generally August / September - $900 +/- $50
    No pool, no outbuildings, CF bulbs everywhere, on-demand water heaters

    Recently had an energy audit performed. Was told I had one of the tightest houses they'd ever measured in the Houston area; somewhere in the neighborhood of 14% leakage. I went through the house with them with the FLIR camera; no hotspots. Duct leakage on the order of 10% on each system, but it's leaking into conditioned attic space, so I figure that's a wash. Basically beat the pants off the local Energy-Star homes.

    Only thing we could figure is the HVAC system is WAY oversized. I had an analysis done prior to building the home, gave to the A/C contractor, they used it for toilet paper or something. I have since gone back and found that analysis and deciphered it, and it appears to show that I need 6.5 tons MAX. I purchased HVAC Calc prior to building, and spent a long time inputting all the correct information. It said I needed something like 4 tons total.

    Unfortunately, I caved to the contractor at build-time, assuming he knew more than I did (mistake, apparently). So now, I can't keep the house dry (60% RH or higher, with two dehumidifiers running full-blast), the units short-cycle all day and night, and my utility bills are freaking ridiculous. We are about to pull the trigger on two new 3-ton units (or maybe two 2.5-ton units), and my question is this:

    Where can I get some kind of idea what kind of energy savings I can expect? I mean, if two 5-ton 13-seer units are, say, $500/month, what are two 3-ton 14-seer units going to cost? Or two 3-ton 16-seer units? I've googled this, but I can't find a calculator that does what I want.
    I live in houston too this is one of the most expensive energy in the whole's pretty much like that everywhere in houston ...cost too much energy

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    I'm back...did everybody miss me?

    Sorry for the long absence, but to answer your questions: No, nothing has been done to my HVAC setup (yet).

    Well, that's not 100% accurate. Based on feedback I received here last summer, I did decide to shut off my two dehumidifiers, and I disabled the fresh-air intakes on both attic units. These two things taken together seem to have improved the humidy problem inside the house. I guess one or the other of them was just drawing in outside air and filling the house with it.

    I can post pics of the mechanicals if anyone thinks it'll help. I hadn't thought of lowering the temp setting during the day while no one is home; although that seems counterintuitive, I'll give it a shot.

    I'm currently trying to get a couple of helpful pros who've previously commented on this thread to come out and take a look at my setup sometime in the next week or two. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

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