Ok I have a Carrier AC unit that is about 3 yrs old. My new Rheem furnace has a LuxPro stat. When the stat is in the "cool" mode and the ac goes off I notice that it takes about 5 minutes to restart, not sure if it does this all the time??

Now by accident the first time and to check if it really happened the 2nd time I shut the switch from cool to off but then turned it right back to cool and bumped the temp down and the ac came on.

I then remembered it is not supposed to do this so I shut it off. Then like an idiot I tried it again to see IF that was what happened and it was.

So...did I hurt anything by doing this twice ??? I know I shouldnt do this right ??

I assume that the delay is built in the stat and when we shut the switch to off it reset the stat because when you stay in the cool mode and it goes of and you bump the temp down it will wait the 5 minutes to come back on

Hope I didnt hurt anything...