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    Hackjob from the past

    This is an old Tappan or Singer A/C install from about 30 years ago that still runs. In the first pic, note the cleverly designed drain trap system. I also love seeing the loop of liquid line tucked up. This was a precharged lineset, but I can't help but wonder...where's the extra suction line??

    Oh, THERE it is! Coiled up behind the condenser, of course. What a wonderful install this is. I especially like the disconnect/whip.

    Of course, the homeowner did his own plug job on the lineset hole:

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    Hmm redneck oil trap

    I like the redneck oil traps on the low side line behind the condensing unit. I ran into an install similar to this, but the compressor was seized up. A lot of oil came out of all those coils, not much in comp. though.

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