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    Yeppers on that one.

    Don't do whole duct systems but have added runs to addtions on homes that fomerly didn't have any in the addition or customer got tired of using space heater.

    We had to increase size of flex by one inch to get the same airflow as six inch ridgid pipe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenny mac View Post
    Are you saying some company is renting their foam rigs to someone who has never foamed ????
    If so... who pays for a cross over and fill the lines ($6k) or the pump ($20K) or both full of foam.... thats CRAZY!!!

    And are you saying they will rent the rig and sub their guys ????
    HUM !!!! Thats no different than what I do except the HO knows exactly the cost before the start and I have all the GL, WC, ins. and I have my manufactures backing.

    Where are they going to buy the foam ??? My manufactures want sale to the public !!!!!!
    No, thats not what I'm saying. What I was saying is that they do the install for local insulation companies, other HVAC contractors and local building contractors. Their foam crew is the the only one that touches the rig..
    whaaaaa, you let all the smoke out

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