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    Confused "Dreaded Spray Insulation Guy".... Now has his HVAC License... We are all "Doomed"

    New to the Forum, I should be a positive influence. This should be "FUN" !!

    I am that "Dreaded Spray Insulation Guy" thats going to cut your tonnage in 1/2 and make you bring fresh air into the home for folks to breath.

    Guys I am here to "Learn" and "Help".....

    I know Foam & Cellulose Insulation, IAQ, HERS, Energy Star, Green Stuff, Sizing, Duct Design, Installation, Service, In that order !!!
    I can get around "Wrightsoft" and the "IECC".

    So if you like "please put me in your "Buddy or Contact List" I am sure I will come in handy some day.... And I will need all of you guys help "No Doubt".

    It will also take me some time to see which "Forum" fits me and which one you guys won't beat me up to bad !!!!
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