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    Quote Originally Posted by mbarizona View Post
    Nothing has changed besides air filters and in ceiling speakers. No trees removed, sun screens are on and clean.

    I did have a hot water heater replaced, but it is on the opposite side of the house and in the garage. No duct work goes by it, no nothing.
    The ceiling speakers could have caused an increase in the heatload.(?)
    You could have caused some other problems in the attic area that you are not aware of.

    I have not read enough of the posts, so will end my comments here.

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    I bet you went to a pleated filter huh?

    That would explain the low suction pressure.

    If this is the case then you are lower on charge than initially thought....not much though.

    The speakers could add some load. I would be more worried about leakage. The speaker gets hot so if it's not sealed it could easily cause some hot depends on the wattage of them.

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    If it was a problem caused by low air flow from pleated air filters, most likely the SH would also be lower.
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    This is my puzzlement -

    The subcooling seems a tiny bit high - which would typically indicate too much refrigerant.

    The superheat is about right - sure it could be four or five - but it's damned close. And . . . . the high indoor temp would tend to drive the superheat a little higher. . . .

    But the indoor coil temperature difference is 20 degrees. Which is on the high end of OK.

    So where does that leave us? If we decrease the superheat, and so increase the indoor coil performance, the TD will also increase. To what? MORE than twenty degrees?

    Pressure is not out of line for a 12 SEER in a 109 ambient.

    If I were there I would first 'tweak' by altering the charge volume. But not being there - I'd like to make sure the air flow is right-on-the-money first. <g>
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    Sorry for the late response, I flew from Phoenix to Richmond today via Charlotte. Long day.

    8" speakers x 2.

    The filter...interesting background...

    I always used the cheapies and changed them at 30 days. Had a reminder set in my Outlook calendar and changed them religiously. About 2 weeks before I had the issue, I decided to buy the $7.00 Arm and Hammer filters. When this first started happening, I took them out and went back to the cheapies.

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    Don't worry, there hasn't been a unit I haven't fixed yet... "knocks on wood"

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    A/C is fixed. There was insulation in the blower compartment being sucked into the housing creating a low airflow condition.

    Thanks for all of your help.

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    I would think with an indoor temperature of 20 degrees, your suction pressure would be a little lower. Did the technician do anything or just take and record those readings?

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