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    Help Or In The Way?

    I had a new central air installed recently. THey are comming back tommorrow to make some adjustments to make one room cooler. My question is what kind of info do I need to give them to make sure the job is done correctly or do I just need to stay out of there way?

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    You should not need to tell them anything other than what your problems are if they know what they're doing.

    I see your question a lot, here. Homeowners should not be placed in that position, IMO, unless their expectations are unreasonably high for the skill level they hired to do the job. Your request does not sound unreasonable...air balancing should be a typical thing that is checked after a new system is installed and operating.

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    I agree with shophound. Make your concerns known.

    I always wonder after a job if the person is happy and make a call a few weeks after an install to make sure everything is OK.

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