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    All ....

    Thanks for the answers and assistance. Gives me several options to try.

    Va Gent

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    If you would like any info on the solar attic fan let me know. Don't buy a 10 watt unit as they do not have enough power to vent the attic properly. Mine is a 20watt unit that was rated highly, and it really pulls a lot of hot air out of the attic, which I have verified while out on the roof. Approximately 1200cfm.

    Funny thing Craig as you read my mind. I think my original 16" of blown fiberglass insulation has settled down to around 12" over the 12 years I have owned the house. Some of this is from me walking up there for various reasons over the years. I was thinking of calling in a contractor to blow another 6" back on top of the old insulation.

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