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    Feb 2008

    Auto change over

    Question for the pros. How many of you guys configure your t-stats or recommend to your HO they use the Auto-changeover mode instead of manually switching between heat and cool?

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    Dec 2006
    Northern VA
    In my neck of the woods, no one ever seems to understand auto changeover even in commercial. I even have one particular client that complains everytime I see him.

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    Jun 2008
    Las Vegas, NV
    If they live here, Las Vegas, full time I let them change it over; it keeps them involved.

    For the once a year visitors I recommend using the auto-changeover.


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    Dec 2007
    Afton, VA / Khorat, Thailand
    Ditto with Everett. People seem to want either Heat or Cool. Anything else is too confusing to them....
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    Fort Worth, TX
    Very few days around here for residential where heating is needed in the morning and cooling in the afternoon. For a house to warm up enough to become uncomfortable in the afternoon when heat was required in the morning indicates marginal insulation and other aspects about the building envelope that need attention. A high interior heat load would result in marginal heating needed in the morning with cooling required in the afternoon due to the building no longer losing heat to the outside, but gaining it to the inside.

    For lake houses, second homes, vacant homes for sale, etc. I can see the auto-changeover feature being useful. For a full time occupied residence, not as much.

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    Myrtle Beach, SC
    I used to feel like shophound, but now I use auto changeover unless asked not to. Even then, I explain that they don't have to use it, but it is nice to have that ability.

    Example: The speedometer on my minivan goes up to 120, but it has never actually read that high. When I tell them that, they usually say OK.
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    I'm not a pro, just a lowly homeowner, but after I installed my Honeywell VisionPro TH8320 I set it to automatically switch between heating and cooling.

    Shortly I switched the setting back to manual because many times the heat would run in the early morning and the cooling would come on in the afternoon of the same day. I thought this condition was very inefficient so I changed the thermostat to the manual setting.

    Now, during the transition period in the spring and fall, many times I just don't run either the heat or cool. During this time, unless it become nippy or uncomfortably warm, I just leave the thermostat off.

    It works for me.

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    Mar 2008
    Grundy Co. IL
    Only in commercial applications around here. We don't really need that kind of control in residential.

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    Feb 2008
    Western NC
    I always set up for auto changeover....

    When I install an auto changeover stat, where the HO had previously had a manual changeover or a mercury...I ask what setting they would prefer. Then I take the time needed to explain to them how to operate the stat and to call us if they have any questions...

    2 years into it, I've only had 1 person call back and say they would like something differnt. And the only reason he didn't like it was cause the installes put the stat a foot too low on the wall and used a stat with very small print. He couldn't read it, he was old. But I got him taken care of.
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