I have one for you all.

I have a Honeywell IAQ t-stat (largely because of this forum), hooked to a Trane XL15i with a VS AH.

I've been doing some home remodeling, and in the process, creating lots of dust. To prevent the filter from being completely clogged with drywall/plaster dust, I've been having to flip the breaker to the HP and AH to keep the fan from running, because on the tstat, all I can do is set the fan to "auto/on", "on", and "circ". Is there a reason I can't set it to "off"? I can turn the heating/cooling off... but the fan has no option to do this (and doesn't turn off with the heating/cooling). Or am I just stuck flipping the breaker? It would be nice to be able to turn the fan off also in the cases of having a bunch of windows open, so I'm not (in essence) filtering the outdoors.