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    BTU Amount? Carrier/Panasonic? AC/Heatmpump?

    Will be installing mini-split ductless Air conditioner this week. I need to make up my mind by Monday on which model to choose. I am very confused because each expert is giving me a different answer for the following questions. Please someone with experience and knowledge help me out. Thanks!

    BTU Amount?
    My house is a duplex but I just need ac on the first floor which has 5.5 rooms. The house is 30 X 41.
    Some installer are telling me 12k and others are saying 18k. Most people in my area have 18k. The one person I trust is saying 12k btu is enough and will guarantee it. What do you guys think?

    Carrier vs Panasonic which is better?
    Is Carrier reliable and a good make or should I choose Panasonic? I'm getting 5 year warranty on compressor, parts and labor for both machines. One is AC and the other is a Heatpump

    Carrier ac: 40MVC012

    Panasonic heatpump: CS-E12EKK

    Heatpump or just AC?
    I heard I should stay away from heatpumps because they beak down. Is this true? Should I just stick with AC?

    Should I cover the machine in the winter months?
    Some say I should cover the machine with a cover and others say it should breath otherwise it will cause rust. Which is true?

    Should the machine running all the time?
    I heard from the expert I trust that the machine should stay on the whole summer and just adjust the temperature before going to bed. People I know would just shut off the ac at night because it gets to cold and to save energy? Which is the better method?

    Would definitely like an experts opinion and their recommendations
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