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If you don't mind me asking, what company is installing your new unit? I live in the same area that you do. What made you choose this particular company? Did they perform the necessary manual j and/or manual d calculations?

Good luck with the install! I hope everything turns out well. I believe that the fact you will be treating the installers so well will pay big dividends!
If it's not against the rules to post the name, I don't mind. If it is, I'll edit it out. I am using Brady-Flanary. The gentleman I dealt with was very thorough, offered solutions for problem areas, and was always quick to get back to me when I had questions or concerns (and I had many). He performed the manual J without any prompting from me. He drew a layout of the house and took detailed measurements of all rooms and the windows, noting if the windows were new or old. Their BBB record was clean and he provided me with several references of recent installs.

Now, will all that guarantee me a good install? Unfortunately no. But I hope their install teams are on par with the attention to detail they showed before the sale.