Hi guys!

I'm a controls, building automation installer for a company out here in Denver, CO. I'm an electrician by trade, so I'm looking to advice from any of you residential hydronic boiler experts out there on a replacement for my home boiler which is an oversized Peerless over 40 years old.

It's still is chuggin' on, but with rising gas prices (natural as well as petroleum), I'm considering changing out the old beauty.

I've talked to one of our boiler experts with the company (we do commercial) and he recommends sticking with cast iron heat exchangers, possibly a Dunkirk Plymouth. He mentions that the condensing units don't last long on the ultra high efficiency units that use a different type of heat exchanger.

Anyway, I'm pretty savvy with the controls end, but I'm wondering if you folks out there have any brand suggestions, or things to avoid. I'm not looking for DIY info, I'm just trying to get info on what to look for and what to avoid. I don't know if you can recommend specific brands, but it sure would help.

Thanks in advance to all!