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    heat transfer voyager 199k btu

    having continuious igniter burn-out problems with my 199k btu voyager boiler. recently replaced about 3 igniters and they keep burning out. in 2006 summer the control board burned out and i had it replaced by a trained HT technician..... boiler was first installed by HT trained tecnnicians..

    i am very dissatisfied with the performance of this boiler. any support from this forum would be greatly appreciated. as i only use the boiler about 5 months a year i would think this product should last a lot longer than its current service of less than 8 years.

    looking forward to feedback...
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    First off, you need to remove your prices as they are not allowed in the forum.

    Nextly, I would advise you look for another contractor. There has got to be an underlying problem that is causing all your failures. And a trained technician should be able to find it. Even if it is improper installation or use.

    I would recommend getting some other opinions on the current condition of the system and have it serviced. And serviced PROPERLY.
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    the board was replaced by a factory trained HT technician. however it appears he just R&R'ed the board, didn't shake down the failure on the board. perhaps the repair is never shake down the component failure, just board level.. i'm going to see if there is another trained tech in our area, going to call HT on monday...

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    Most likely unit is oversized or not piped correctly. HT can provide the needed parts to down fire the unit, if oversized. No need to replace the entire unit again

    Piping corrections are fairly easy to resolve if the instructions are on hand.

    You may also be having a problem with the pumps or the burner fan.

    These units are extremely sensitive to vibrations, water flow, and fired at the correct rate. I would begin to tell what is wrong with a visiting to the site. You would be wise to have somebody that provides boiler services check it out.
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    all instructions at hand. i do run the boiler around 150 deg, +/- 15 degree delta. need to run at this level so the mixing valve will output the right temperature water for the potable.. what do you suppose is happening that the igniter burns out? why would any high fire render the igniter inoperable?

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    over firing results in frequent cycling. If the firing rate is reduce longer burn cycles result. That means less start cycles. Reduced starting less igniter burn time.The igniter is like a light bulb. The more times it starts the sooner it needs replaced.

    However that may not be the problem. The water flow thru the boiler could be a problem. Things like clogged a strainer, valve or pump. Could also cuae these types of problems. Keep and open mind and wait until the expert has a solution and think about it.

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    Take a look at the type of igniter that is being installed. There are two versions. One is a very shiny white porcelain unit and the other is a dull white "bakelite" type material (OEM). Have your installer use the bright, white, porcelain igniters.

    These igniters are a problem and you may get one that lasts 6 months and one that lasts 10 years. It's a luck of the draw. The igniters should be double wrapped in foam and then encased in a foam form surrounding the igniter. If they are mishandled at anytime from leaving the factory to the time they are installed, they could develop a small fracture around the length of the igniter or the area around the electrode.

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