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    Fresh air intake in garage?

    I live in NC. If a furnace is located in a garage area, is a fresh air intake required? The furnace is a 90% if that matters.

    While I was getting estimates, one of the contractors said a fresh air intake was needed. But I think he was the only one that said that.

    The installing company will be pulling permits and all that, so I assume it will be done to code, but I was just curious.

    Bill M.

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    Combustion air requirements would most likely exceed your garage CF.
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    if it is a 90% pulling outdoor air for combustion it would not need air vents into heater area.

    unless they were talking about fresh air tied into the return ducts for the house...

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    We ran into this issue a few years ago with the city. The garage was very sealed as were the closet doors. The builder had a very tight and expensive garage door which really let zero air in. He had sealed the closet doors very well also. (Very expensive house) If they are pulling permits, they will give you "direction." If you are using a 90 furnace, it shouldn't be that big of a deal to run the combustion side pvc pipe outside. You will be running the flue out. Just follow it out and have them put the concentric pipe on it.

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    Thanks for the help.

    My install is scheduled for this coming Wednesday. I hope everything goes well.

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