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    Move existing supply from wall to under toe kick?

    We did buy the 60's modern I posted about in January; I've got a certified guy working on load calcs to upgrade the furnaces, & add A/C. The crawl space will be insulated,--so that that part is in the works...

    Meanwhile I'm struggling to get the first bathroom finished so we can move in & continue to work.

    Today's gumption trap--I assembled my new vanity (wall to wall installation) & then realized that it extends out past the heat register that is mounted in the wall.

    How hard would it be to convert and extend this to an under-cabinet duct with a register in the toekick? My rough and ready measurement for the in wall duct is 3.5 x 10", it comes up above floor level about 5".

    The wall is open because I'm rejiggering the sink drains and adding GFI's at countertop level....More than willing to build a new plinth/toe to hold the ductwork, although 4" height is about what the cabinet has now...


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    Unless you're going to be doing the install of the new heating and air yourself now would be a good time to get your HVAC contractor of choice involved in the project. The moving of registers is sometimes better left to those that fully understand what potentially negative effects doing certain things can have on system performance. Also the contractor will be up on any code requirements on things that need changing or updating.
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    Thanks--I would not be doing this DIY, but was trying to get some information on a holiday weekend, & trying to preemptively figure out if I should be starting in on making a custom depth vanity...

    As an amateur, I was just trying to glean some information as the the physical possibilties--we are talking redirecting an in-wall duct to a floor level (shortened and add a 90 deg connector to come level under the vanity) and then a short flat 90 deg to come into the room--through the toe kick. From wall to exit point could be anywhere along a 60" plinth/toe kick for the full length vanity.

    Can't say as I see how this could radically alter much with the total system, create any sort of fire hazard or whatever....
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    Up here by me we did alot of vanities even kitchens where the customer wanted the registers tucked up under the toe kick space to keep the floor neat in appearence with out having floor registers. This was done more so in bathrooms than kitchens. I don't think there should be any problems with moving the register to the tos kick of your vanity and don't believe it should alter any load calc in any way by doing so I would go ahead and cut the toe kick to accept the boot for the duct work but leave the toe kick loose and let your installer make th efinal connection.

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