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    Question unbalanced registers

    I have 2-way registers throughout my house, and have noticed that air blows stronger out of one side than the other on most of them. What causes this? Is there any way to balance the flow? Is there a way to prevent this problem in the first place?

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    It's likely due to a multishutter damper ,or an elbow that enters the register box.

    Removing the grille and examining what's behind,shutter,eblow ,turn of some kind in the air flow,is likely the cause,not all that uncommon.

    Does it cause a comfort issue??

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    I've noticed the same thing for some of my registers, and I've determined the cause to be airflow coming in from one side of the boot. Airflow also differs on some of my registers due to a metal plate just before the register that I guess the original installers used to balance the airflow. You'll have to take the register off and see what direction the air is traveling from and if you have any dampers.

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    yeah try turning around you registers

    That always works
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    type of boot feeding the register will cause this. it should not be a problem.

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