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    Question Armstrong Heat Pump Comparison

    I've got a 1050 sq ft 2 story condo in Cincinnati, OH with neighboring units on both sides of me. My 26-28 year old Bryant heat pump system finally died and I'm in the market for a new one. I don't plan to live in the condo much more than a year, but I'd like to keep it as a rental so longevity and low maintenance costs are the things most important to me.

    I've received several quotes and I think I've chosen the right contractor - now to decide between the two Armstrong heat pump units they are offering.

    "Better" - Armstrong Concept2 Heat Pump with Matching Air Handler - Model 2SHP13LE124 - 2 Ton
    -Up to 14 SEER
    -Copeland Scroll compressor
    -R-22 Refrigerant
    -5 year parts / 5 year labor warranty
    -10 year compressor warranty

    "Best" - Armstrong Concept4 Heat Pump with Matching Air Handler - Model 4SHP13LE124 - 2 Ton
    -Up to 15 SEER
    -R-410A Refrigerant
    -Low pressure shut off switch
    -Copeland Scroll compressor
    -5 year labor / 10 year parts / 10 year compressor
    -Several hundred dollars more expensive than the 'better' system

    Both of the 'up to' SEER ratings require a variable speed air handler that I won't likely purchase (because it's an extra several hundred dollars and I won't be around long enough to see the benefit).

    Are the R-410a refrigerant and the extra parts warranty worth the extra several hundred dollars? Any thoughts on the quality of these particular units? Will the 'best' system be any more efficient even without the variable speed air handler? Anything else I'm missing?

    Thanks all - I look forward to your thoughts!!
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    Please remove you prices, they are not allowed on this site, Thank you.

    Without teh VS, the 14 SEER is the better choice.
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    I like option 2 personally...can you upgrade to 10 yrs labor, especially for a rental? You'll need it...
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    Ask your contractor about the cooling performance extended rating's on the airhandler's. This might help a bit.

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    The equipment is identical, only diff is what refrigerant it uses. These days, most brands are very close or the same in price between gases. In this case, I see the warranty is 10 year parts on the 410 unit so they may be adding a longer warranty which can add a bit. You might look at another bid who doesn't have the healthy premium for the new refrigerant.

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    Thanks for all the information so far! It's really interesting to hear that they're the same equipment!

    The reason I had chosen this contractor was because my several of my neighbors went with the company and they actually replace the whole lineset which sounds like a big deal. Is it as important as it sounds or is flushing the existing lineset good enough?

    I'll be sure to ask about upgrading the warranty and the cooling performance extended ratings.

    Thanks everyone!

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