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    Rheem - Quiet 80 vs. Super Quiet 80 Furnace

    To all the HVAC guys and gals,

    I am trying to see if it is worth the price difference to install a Rheem Quiet 80 or a Rheem Super Quiet 80 furnace? Is there a huge difference in noise? I live in a one story - 1100 Sq. Ft. condo in which the furnace cabinet is in the middle of the house and can be heard from all rooms. Thank you for your time in reading this and I look forward to the response.
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    What can you afford? 1st key is DO NOT OVERSIZE! Too many dealers are scared to put in small furnaces so condos & townhouses are often oversized. 2nd is not having the return directly off the furnace. Again common in condos, no return duct, the return is right off the furnace which will be noisy.

    Between the 2, the SQ80 adds blower compartment insulation which can help with some air noise. In all but the 50,000 BTU size, which odds are you need, there is a 3 speed blower vs 4 speed. The board on the SQ80 offers a dedicated fan on tap set to the lowest speed so if you run the blower all the time, it is the lowest speed. The Q80 uses the heat speed which could be a bit higher speed.

    Both are great furnaces, the rest of the components similar in quality, reliable, easy to work on.

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    Why don't you ask other Condo owners what they have, how they like it,
    and how reliable their units are?

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