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    New HVAC System

    I am in the process of getting bids for a new system, heating and ac. I have about 1100 sq ft house, single story finished basement with a lennox 3ton 80000 btu system. I am in the St. Louis area so wide range of weather.
    I am having trouble deciding on trane, lennox, armstrong. I have gotten bids from all three from different contractors. I like the clean effects air filter from trane . The other two air filters dont impress me. I like the variable speed motor I'm not sure on a seer rating Im thinking either a 13 or 16 seer. I don't have an unlimited budget but dont want anything cheap kind of middle of the road.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks, Mike.

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    Has anyone actually did a load calculation on this house? seems oversized to me especially on the A/C. Armstrong Air is made by allied products and Lennox owns them. I install Armstrong Air as one of my 3 brands that I carry. Armstrong used to be junk in my opionion but have came a long way since they got rid of smart valve. Lennox and Trane are also good units more higher quality in my opionion than Armstrong but Armstrong still not bad furnace. If you go 16 seer go variable speed if you can and make sure with the match up it actually is rated for 16 seer. Especially for the energy rebates electric companies goes by ARI ratings not equipment ratings. If you understand what I am saying.

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    mrlighturfire, Yes one of the bids I got did do a load calculation and came up with a 2.5 ton. I am leaning toward the Trane only because of the clean effects. I have been told that the coil in the AC unit is made from aluminum and that that is not the best material. All three have a scroll compressor. I am thinking its going to come down to the contractor and price so far I have a bid range.

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    the main thing you want to look into is choosing a contractor you can trust. one that will be there years from now to take care of possible problems that may or my not be covered by a warranty. also lets not forget having well trained techs. usually word of mouth is a good way to learn about a contractor. FYI there are other air purification and filtration systems out there so you don't have to make a decision solely on that. good luck

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    do you have any examples of other air filtration systems, my son and I both have allergies and this is an important part of my dicision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pascone10 View Post
    usually word of mouth is a good way to learn about a contractor.
    Are there other ways to evaluate a contractor? Checking on BBB and getting referrals is fine, but probably not all that useful. Would asking them directly "Do you flow nitrogen when brazing linesets?" be an insult? Especially since I have no idea what I'm talking about, other than hearing the phrase a thousand times on here?

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    3 ton is oversized. You need 2.5 and if you have good windows and insulation you can probably go with 2. If you're thinking Trane, go American Standard. It's the same equipment but a little less expensive. You don't need an air cleaner unless someone in the house has respiratory problems. Consider 14 or 15 SEER and go with 410A refrigerant. Don't buy anything that doesn't have a 10 year compressor warranty and given the life expectancy, don't buy a warranty labor coverage insurance policy. If you have gas in the house you may want to consider a dual fuel unit (heat pump) system as opposed to electric.

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    MLgriff contact me via personal e-mail, I live in St Charles county area and I am certain I can beat any of their prices and get you what you want.

    Please put email in your profile!
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