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    Was able to get some shots, but hard to get the whole system.

    Here is the transisiton they made from the A coil to the supply plenum. Just below is the main return air box that runs parallel to the unit to the far end where the main return air plennum is. (don't know why the house was originally built that way and plumbed, but have to deal with it. Seems to help keep the motor noises down quite a bit, if nothing else.

    Here is one that shows an overview of the completed system. The shiny stuf is new supply run and a larger return. The pipe coming just under the furnace is a huge supply line going into the living room and branching off to kitchen area downstream.

    The center is the furnace (on it's side) to the left is the A-coil and supply plennum. To the right of the furnace is the main return air attached to the new large air filter.


    This pic shows one of 3 VERY large supply lines with a smaller Y takeoff to another smaller duct.


    I have NO complaints with the system performance! It cools down quickly and the fan starts slow, ramps up to a higher speed for 4 or 5 minutes, then ramps down to just barely blowing. I surmise this is the way it is supposed to work.......

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    Don't need to cheat a customer ot make a high profit margin.
    Simply charge the margin you want. If a customer thinks the price is too high they can go to the next contractor.

    The compressors aren't make special order for the manufacturer.

    A bid sheet would do you no good. Since every install isn't the same.

    Usually the people the most paranoid about being cheated. Are the ones that cheat others.

    If you think an HVAC contractor is trying to cheat you in anyway. Simply use another contractor. Sooner or later your bound to find a cheap one.
    Weather he charges enough that he can spend time checking to make sure things are right or not. Well, probably not.
    But, you weren't cheated by the high priced contractor that has the tools and skill to check the system out right.

    In reality.
    If your contractor has the time to explain to you what the differences are between his brand and system layout and teh other proposals you got. You got a good contractor, and will most likely have a quality install.

    Sites like this shouldn't be answering brand quality questions, If you ask your contractor the same questions your asking here.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pillowsplat View Post
    I'm a HO.
    So after reading the survey. I read.
    The only way to make a higher margin is to cheat the HO.

    99% of the HO's have no idea what to ask for when getting a new heat pump system. My self included.
    This site could be of great assistance to the everyday HO if one of the professional certified installers developed a bid sheet so we can compare apples to apples when shopping.
    How the individual Heat pump system components are graded. eg. a compressor could be manufactured to different tolerances, one tolerance may increase life, one tolerance may increase performance.
    Make it a sticky in the Residential area.
    Equipment good better best each manuf probably has the grades.
    Install same thing if you good start here. If you want it right ask for this.
    I put together my questions and concerns for my contractors. Exactly one addressed my concerns. He got my business. But it was more about his truck being neat and clean. He listened. He returned my calls. Certaintly not the best way to determine how to spend hard earned cash.

    I almost feel this site cultivates ways to cheat without being caught (marketing). eg. Pro only sites.
    No pricing in residential (I understand why you do it but it could be construed as a way to keep margins up)
    Granted HO are probably worse. They have no scruples. Are goal is to get the best system for the best price. But you professionals need to really spend much more time letting know what the best system is, including criteria for installs.
    John Olinski

    "and the survey says (circa 2004)


    of ARI National Training directors

    Failure to use proper solder or soldering technique................................70%

    Failure to evcacuate refrigerant lines and evap coil using recommended method............................................ .............................................50%

    Failure to leak test before charging or proper use of leak detector...........49%

    Failure to confirm 350 to 450 cfm per ton of supply air..........................72%

    I have to stop now a potential customer is on the phone wanting me to lower my price to be like the majority."
    How do you select a contractor?

    I can't speak for anyone but myself:
    I promise I don't use up 90% of my free time to come on here and learn about HVAC/R and discuss different topics then when addressing HO's lie straight to their face. I promise my free time would be worth way more to me than the feeling I would get from cheating someone for free
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